"Dad, you'd laugh if you knew what I was up to. You'd wonder why no one had thought of it before." 

- Dr. Michael Gleeson, Starving Men

Astonishing new crime thriller


"A murder mystery like no other, with not only historical motives but an engaging plot that in places put me in mind of Red Dragon. Psychology and history combine to create a riveting and engrossing read."

- Readers' Favorite Review

(May 13, 2020)

"This is exactly what I expect to feel when I read a thriller. The narrative is smooth, the story flows seamlessly and the atmosphere of the setting gave me chills."


- Readers' Favorite Review

(May 14, 2020)


(May 9, 2020)

"Unwavering momentum... An absorbing tale brimming with politics, historical details, and mystery. This whodunit has a discernible, enthralling narrative arc that reaches a gratifying resolution before the end."

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"The compelling, complex plot with psychiatric insights has hooked me from the first page till the last word."

"I loved the twist at the end...I wasn't expecting it at all."

Michael Gleeson never intended to be a serial killer, but history gave him no choice.


Dublin, 2019: Michael is a well-respected psychiatrist – a quiet man, a good friend, and a useless cook. He also spends part of his professional life secretly counseling former members of the disbanded IRA. Michael always thought this would be enough to satisfy his Irish Republican heritage, but when the highly skilled yet deeply disturbed Turlough O’Sullivan enters his office, Michael sees an opportunity that he just can't overlook.

Haunted by childhood tales of the gruesome history of the Irish people under British rule, Michael persuades his new patient to help him track down and kill the living descendants of the worst men in Ireland’s history - Cromwell, Trevelyan, and other figures whose names still send a shiver down the spine.

But Michael's plan for a twisted and bloody revenge doesn't run smoothly: not only must he face the truth about the role models who formed him as a child, but on his trail is a young detective at Scotland Yard, an officer who becomes obsessed with stopping the unknown serial killer who is out for an historical revenge that she can't understand.

Starving Men is a gripping literary crime thriller set in contemporary Dublin and London, inspired by the horrors of the Irish famine, the Great Hunger.

"The plot twists in this increasingly exciting thriller build intrigue until the true, demented brilliance of Gleeson’s plan is audaciously revealed." - Booklife Review


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