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About the Author


I was born in the middle of Dublin, about a ten-minute walk from Stephen's Green but we thought we were in the suburbs. That was the seventies, and I'm sure everything was shit but it didn't feel too bad. In college, I studied science because if you got the points in your Leaving (exam), they had to let you in. As soon as I got my little diploma or whatever it was I landed a job in a technical-publishing company where I had to make other people's articles as concise as possible. I loved it and stayed for 13 years.

I write literary thrillers because there's nothing as enjoyable as page-turners with a message, big or small. My debut novel, Starving Men, was inspired by my first-ever attempt at a thriller, a novel called The Copenhagen Break that I've sworn to myself I'll finish someday, is still an horrific disaster, and taught me everything I know about taking a scythe to sentences.


Subaquatic Life
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